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Grind your beans
Set the grinder to the desired grind.
The finer the grind, the stronger the coffee, as more of the coffee surface is exposed.
At home
You will get the best coffee by grinding just before brewing 
In the store
Open the bag and pour the beans into the grinder,  place the empty bag under the grinder spout and grind.   
                                    Espresso (& stronger coffees)          fine grind
                                    Drip coffee maker                                medium grind
                                    Coffee Press                                         coarse grind
Store in an airtight container at room temperature. To prevent bitterness, ground coffee should never be refrigerated or frozen.   

 For a great cup of coffee:

Always use fresh filtered water  (if the water doesn't taste good, the coffee won't either)   
Grind the beans just before brewing  
Use  2 Tbsp (10g) ground coffee to 6 oz (180ml) of water  
To adjust the strength of your coffee, simply adjust the amount of water you use to brew.  Less water will produce a stronger coffee, while more water will make it milder.